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This area provides a resource of freely available information regarding the protected cropping industry. You are at liberty to use this information in a responsible way, however I do ask you to acknowledge its source in any publications (

It will be regularly updated with general protected cropping industry information, therefore I invite you back to visit this site from time to time to update your information

Some articles are in PDF or Excel format.

 An Overview of the Australian Protected Cropping Industry (5.8Mb)

pdficonsmall National Greenhouse Waste-Water Recycling Project

pdficonsmall Pathways to Production - a skilling initiative of the Australian protected cropping industry

pdficonsmall Neutralising pesticides in recirculating water systems within a protected cropping system

pdficonsmall Proposal to import bombus terestris into mainland Australia for crop pollination purposes

pdficonsmall Greenhouse vegetable study tour of Holland - November 2005

pdficonsmall Greenhouse study tour of Canada - September 2006

pdficonsmall European greenhouse study tour of Holland - October 2007

pdficonsmall European greenhouse study tour of Holland - October 2009

pdficonsmall Horticultural Congress Trust Award - final report - IHC Lisbon 2010

pdficonsmall Where is the best place to grow greenhouse crops in Australia?