The Greenhouse Growers Toolbox was developed for commercial and hobby greenhouse or hydroponic growers for everyday system design or management use.

The complete app is a suite of 15 calculators:

1. Greenhouse Acid or Product Dosing

Calculate treatment PPM or volume (litres) of various products/acids when added to water


2. Greenhouse Area and Volume

Calculate area (m²) or volume (m³) of greenhouse structures


3. Greenhouse Boiler Fuel Cost

Calculate and compare costs of various common greenhouse boiler fuels ($ per GigaJoule of energy)


4. Greenhouse Dripper Timing and Volume

Calculate greenhouse irrigation flows, rates & volumes (media-based dripper systems only!)



5. Greenhouse Hydronic Boiler Calculations

Estimate minimum required greenhouse boiler size (in kW & MCal/hr)



6. Greenhouse Irrigation Pump Capacity

Calculate required greenhouse irrigation pump capacity and maximum number of solenoid valves (media-based dripper systems only!)



7. Greenhouse Irrigation Rate Targets

Calculate greenhouse irrigation volumes based on area, dripper rates and light sum, and compare to actual irrigation volume delivered over the same period



8. Irrigation Timings per J/cm2 Calculations

Calculate how often (in minutes) you need to irrigate based on current radiation intensity (in W/m2 and reverse)



9. Air Filled Porosity (AFP) calculations

Calculate approx growing media water content for pots/containers in %, based on weight in grams



10. Greenhouse Radiation & Light Units

Compare and convert common light (radiation) units used in greenhouse horticulture (inc. kLux, W/m2, J/cm2/h and mol/m2/h)



11. Assimilation Lighting & DLI Calculations

Convert and sum common light (radiation) units used in greenhouse and indoor horticulture: PPFD - DLI - Radiation Sum - Total DLI, & reverse! (n.b. allows for both additional sunlight and/or artificial lighting if desired)



12. Greenhouse Nutrient Deficiency Chart

Use the flowchart to determine in a systematic way which element/s may be causing deficiency symptoms in the leaves. (Includes typical examples of leaf deficiency)



13. Greenhouse Nutrient Feed Recipe Guidelines

Standard feed recipe guidelines for both Open and Recirculation media based hydroponic systems (in PPM and mmol/µmol) and includes most common greenhouse vegetable crops



14. Greenhouse Nutrient Drain Reference Guidelines

Enter laboratory analysis of your hydroponic drain water and compare to reference guidelines for your vegetable crop (in PPM and mmol/µmol) and includes automatic EC correction (in mS/cm)



15.  Common Elemental Conversions

Converts common elements to/from pure form (PPM only!) and lists common atomic weights



 Both apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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(Please note that all App information is given in good faith however no liability is accepted for content or its application.)