Greenhouse Climate Study and Financial Assessment

A Greenhouse Climate Study and Financial Assessment for a new or existing protected cropping or hydroponic project covers a range of aspects, from the proposal for a detailed business plan through to a climate study, system design and energy usage.

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Greenhouse Growers Toolbox for Apple and Android

The Greenhouse Growers Toolbox App, a suite of 15 calculators, has been developed for commercial and hobby greenhouse or hydroponic growers for everyday system design or management use.

This updated app is intended to be an industry resource to meet the needs of growers, researchers, hobbyists, trainers, retailers, suppliers and advisors in the wider area of protected cropping. This is the third release of this app from Graeme Smith Consulting and it is planned to continue to make available additional calculators in the future.

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Please note: all app information is given in good faith however no liability is accepted for content or its application.

Screen shots of all the calculators

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Graeme Smith: Curriculum Vitae

Hydroponic Vegetable Grower
9 years growing crops in controlled greenhouse production system in Woodend, Victoria, 1989–2007

Hydroponic Farmers Federation Inc
Foundation Secretary from 1995
Committee Member 2005–2015
Life Member 2014

Australian Hydroponic & Greenhouse Association Inc
Committee member in 1995
National president 1999–2010

Protected Cropping Australia
Board member
Chairman 2010–2012
Member 2013–2015
Life Member 2012

Graeme Smith Consulting

  • Company formed in 1998 to offer system and crop consultancy services to new and existing growers across Australia.
  • Company has developed full training package in commercial hydroponic crop production.
  • Facilitated a 5-year plan for the development and delivery of a skills training package for all industry growers across Australia.
  • Developed and delivered national workshops to assist greenhouse growers to convert to full nutrient recycling (closed) systems delivering an annual industry saving of AU$25million.
  • Company facilitates greenhouse study tours of Europe & North America, encouraging growers to assess firsthand new and emerging technologies and how to integrate into their existing systems.
  • Performs detailed feasibility studies including climate and financial studies for new and existing enterprises (inc. ROI & EBIT), including most of the larger commercial systems throughout Australia.
  • Has completed 48+ greenhouse projects around Australia ranging from 180m2 to 160,000m2 (16ha)
  • Multiple projects in India (5) and China (3) and Singapore encompassing traditional greenhouse systems, aquaponics, vertical farms, automation, training and novel crops
  • Led the design process for a modern, efficient, state of the art, 18ha semi-closed greenhouse for the production of medicinal cannabis using automation to facilitate low-cost production.
  • Graeme is a Charted Agriculturist (CAg) and an Accredited Member of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (AIAST).
  • Graeme is Chairman of ISHS Working Group – ‘Hydroponics and Aquaponics’ and Vice Chair of ISHS Division – Protected Cultivation and Soilless Culture

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